Lindsey made a point of visiting me.

I was caught in the rain and got soaked to the skin.


And then what happens?

The newspaper should be delivered by 7 o'clock in the morning.

We've done our job.

We cannot finish it before Saturday even if everything goes well.

I'm not the only one who doesn't know where Gil lives.

Lee Leffingwell is the head of the Austin City Council.

It sickens me.

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Wade is doing nothing wrong.


Unfortunately it will be impossible for us to accept your proposal.

He said to me: "I lost my textbook yesterday morning".

Rob took off his earphones.

I came to you because I need your help.

I saw a man with a child.


She reluctantly went by herself.

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Buffalo Bill didn't kill any bison. It was climate change that did it.


He will find them.

Do we really care what Sylvan's opinion is?

Who controls it?

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What do you want to achieve in your work?

I didn't say they must suppress it.

Pratt doesn't deserve this.

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He was out of breath.

You can't have a rainbow without a little rain.

Kemal told me that you two went shopping.

He was angry that I had insulted him.

The murder weapon wasn't found.

You just told me not to do that.

The attempt ended in failure for want of support.

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Roderick is unlikely to want to go.

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His conduct was admirable.


I really don't want to clean my room.

Many decisions are not closely related to life.

He says we should go that way.

The mere sight of a snake makes her sick.

We know what needs to be done.


I didn't want to insult them.

If your friend reminds you kindly of your faults, take what he says not only pleasantly, but thankfully.

What does your family name mean?

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She worked side by side with men.

It seems that you are very happy today.

The gum has lost its taste.

It's obvious Damone doesn't know anything.

They're acting on their own.

Don't use the table next to the window.

It should not be possible for us to enjoy them.


The more we spoil a child, the more problematic he will be.


Only something that exists can be explored and explained.

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Everyone is free to contribute.

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Let's get the low-down on the British Museum for our trip.

Herbert is just staring at the computer screen.

We talked the night away.

How much is a round-trip ticket to Caracas?

Jarl can walk to his office in thirty minutes or less.

I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.

The only language Marian can speak is French.


Thank you for your business!

He was very unfair.

How do you stand this humidity?

He gave her a drug to make her relax.

I speak French with my teachers.

It looks pretty bad.

Shane is very good with his hands.

My husband usually doesn't understand what I mean.

I admire your perseverance and determination.

Samir is a venture capitalist.

I'm calling to support your decision.

The flag unfurled in the wind.

I wish you were here with me now.


I'll see what can be done.

Why are people going to the movies?

They want to photograph every city.

They were crying.

I'll return shortly.


Bobbie isn't going to apologize.

Her behavior will become more aggressive.

How do we begin?

I need to make a phone call.

Some kids had balloons.


Which CD do you want to listen to?

Could it have been Honzo?

Come visit us again next year.

I don't think it'll be any problem.

What's the admission charge?

Edmund isn't stopping.

They left after they finished lunch.


Sorry honey, I'm still stuck at the office.

There is a cat on fire in my pants!

I was rudely awakened by a loud noise.


Martin was exonerated.

Be kind to all animals.

I don't gamble anymore.

How many passengers are there?

He is the greatest statesman that ever lived.

Let's keep beautiful nature around us.

The rain made the autumn day dismal.

We have to go back in.

I just wish I'd never gotten involved with you.

We can do without a television, can't we?

They're following me.

Does Marika want to go back to Japan?

We have to take him to the emergency room immediately, he's gravely wounded.

I think that's offensive.

Mr Basri loves his wife.

There's nothing down there.

Which would you recommend, spaghetti or pizza?

Children are very important for the market.

I love being a teacher.


Intelligent animals can help people.

Frances was not pleased.

Yes, it's true I've forgotten the world. Who cares about it but you? Luckily, you're there to save it!

She spoke in evasive bromides.

She's done her homework.


The kidnappers wanted Kusum to blow up that building.


His infectious humor stimulated applause.

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"Yea..." Dima continued, talking mostly to himself. "It's as if the author of my story got into some stupid argument, retired to Fiji, and just left me here to rot."

The dog walks around the table.

Love your fellow more than your money.

Starbuck recanted his testimony.

Curt considered the question.


I'll drink tea, if I can.

I didn't expect to meet you.

I just wanted to apologize.

Spike stopped smiling.

I have another option.

What is the cheapest restaurant around here?

Do you think we were wrong?

The town in which I live is rather small.

All you need to do is wait.

He tried different kinds of foods one after another.

Even a blind chicken can find a grain of corn.

Twenty miles is a long distance to walk.

Stanislaw worked all his life.

Come on, stop thinking about that.

Her friends protected her.


We did that yesterday.

There's a drought in California.

After the war, the Netherlands was the country that executed and tortured the most Japanese, though some of them were innocent.


I won't lose!


Our train was delayed on account of the heavy snow.


I think Ric is rich.

Is it true that Rupert used to live in Boston?

I told you we had a lot in common.

'Now we are safe,' cried she. 'Here the old wizard has no more power over us, and we can guard ourselves from his spells.'

I finally got them on the phone.

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I asked you to leave her alone.

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She designated their table with a wave of the hand.

Price's business is doing very well.

If you want me to write about Judeo-Christian topics, you have to pay money.


It was tremendous.

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These are beautiful bookcases.

I have always been very passionate about food.

Kuldip came home early.

Ramanan makes a lot more money than Guy.

I don't like that.


Your life depends on it.

We haven't made any deals yet.

If you eat unripe fruit, I'll tell you ten to one that you'll get sick.


I thought I'd lost everything.

Kris is the batter on deck.

Jacob must've put up a fight.